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When it comes to finding the perfect amount of storage for your home, you may need to think closely about each room’s different needs and demands.  Bedrooms, for example, may be littered with toys, clothes, jewellery and other items – in which case, you are going to need to look for specialist trunks and blanket boxes from a local supplier who works closely with some of the leading brands in homewares in the UK and beyond.  Casanad’s stunning range of great-looking and super-practical storage trunks, velvet blanket box solutions and antique blanket box designs has been collated and cultivated to inspire homes and homeowners of all tastes.  We truly believe that our fantastic array of storage options will look the part in any home – no matter the look or theme of your bedroom, living area, kitchen or bathroom space.  It is merely down to you to find the most effective and appealing boxes and trunks which speak directly to your needs and sense of aesthetics.

Blanket Boxes London

Oak blanket boxes and vintage storage trunks are wildly popular with our customers.  That authentic, natural look is still hugely appealing to families and couples across the London area, and what’s more, we’re proud to be able to deliver such items to our customers at low prices that compete with high street stores and national brands.  Casanad is a local brand with a focus on high quality goods at affordable prices.  If you are looking for cheap blanket box options, it will be worth your time to consider high quality options at low cost – why buy poor quality items purely as a result of saving a few pounds?  If you have already looked closely at the Dunelm blanket box range or are struggling to find the right wicker blanket box for your bedroom or bathroom, we have a comprehensive series of options for you to pick from.  Buy online with Casanad and you’ll have access to reliable solutions which will weather the years to come.  What’s more, you will be guaranteed practicality, ease of transport and stunning looks to complement homes of all styles and looks.

Affordable Wooden Trunks

Large wooden trunks may not often fit all household budgets, but we’re keen to offer as many wooden blanket box designs and more besides for sale throughout the year.  A viable alternative to wardrobes and cupboards, dark wood blanket box solutions offer a wonderful aesthetic as well as take away some of the stress and strain of having to tidy up all your random items and accoutrements.  What’s more, they can be easily moved from room to room, meaning you don’t have to install a particular box or look in one place unless you absolutely want to.
Trust a local company and outlet who specialises in affordable storage boxes and trunks available for you to buy online now.  Save money on bulk shipping and get some fantastic inspiration for kitting out and dressing up your home – call us on 0203 795 1021 for more details!