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Soft furnishings are a great way to add that little bit of extra character, colour and flair to your home.  While Casanad are already specialist suppliers in a number of high quality furnishings, furniture and home dressing, we support a number of brilliant soft furnishings which you can dress your bedrooms, living spaces and more in from one day to the next.
We work with leading specialist designers and outlets to bring together an affordable and top quality catalogue of products we’re confident you’ll enjoy.  From low cost double bed covers in a range of colours to sofa throws, floor cushions and more besides, there’s every reason you’ll want to go soft from season to season.
Soften up the looks and furniture in your home with choice accessories, items and home standards with help from our wide-ranging catalogue of choice.  We love helping London customers and beyond find that perfect look – why not take a peek at the other standards and furnishings we supply to build together the perfect package?

Affordable Rugs For Sale Near Me

Single bed covers, modern rugs and bed throws are just some of the spectacular and vibrant standards we currently have for sale in our catalogue online.
Looking for rugs for sale near me?  Happy to shop with an online outlet that specialises in furniture from room to room and space to space?  Don’t always go for cheap rugs – look for large rugs and luxury rugs which are available for you to enjoy at a lower price online.
Our soft furnishings are hand-made with impeccable quality and with genuine care – which means each and every stitch is put in place to last years of enjoyment and use.
Finding the right home and soft furnishings can be difficult, but we aim to take much of the hassle away for you by providing top quality homewares for low prices you won’t sample elsewhere online or on the high street.

Bed Throws, Sofa Throws and Modern Rugs

Casanad are committed to top quality homewares and soft furnishings.  Whether you need to cover up a double bed, a single bed, a sofa or a floor, our rugs and coverings come with quality guaranteed no matter the cost.
That means you shouldn’t be surprised if you find rugs for sale available to fit a whole host of budgets.  Just because we can support affordable rates doesn’t mean that we ever sacrifice luxury – far, far from it.
We understand that local homes and properties up and down the UK thrive on quality homewares and goods – and to that end, allow us to help dress up your home in spectacular style for less.
Bed throws and sofa throws have never really gone out of fashion – meaning that you can sample modern and vintage-inspired collections simply by perusing our catalogue in your own time.
Need help finding a specific item or design?  Call us today on 0203 795 1021 to learn more about what we can do to dress up and decorate your home.