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When the cold snap starts rolling in, there’s every reason you should start thinking about setting up an authentic fireplace in the heart of your home.  Central heating can only do so much!
The visual appeal of a traditional burning fire offers just one reason as to why a modern or traditional fireplace – as well as fireplace accessories – are so recommended by so many different people.  As part of the seasonal collections in our online catalogue, Casanad offers a brilliant collection of affordable fireplace accessories for you to set up alongside and to put to practical use across the seasons – however you see fit.
From a hand turned companion set to pewter match boxes, why not take a look at our fireplace accessory catalogue to see if you can find any inspiration on how to really dress up your hearth for those chilly weeks ahead?
For Christmas, midwinter and beyond – a fireplace can really become the focal point of your home if you put enough love and care into its design and its creation.  No matter the temperature – warm things up!

Affordable Fireplace Accessories

Casanad are leading local suppliers of a wide array of homewares and storage solutions – but we are also trusted and reliable purveyors and traders in seasonal trinkets and goods which we think will look fantastic in modern and ornate homes and households alike.
There’s only one way to find out what you think will look great in your own living room or spaces – by taking a look at our low cost catalogue and online shop for some ideas!
Buy online with us and we’ll deliver stunning items and accessories to your door without you having to brave the winter cold.  Simply set up your cosy fireplace and wait for your accessories to arrive!  You’ll be dressing it up all wintery and warm in no time at all.

Top Quality Fireplace Items

Whether you’re looking for a low cost circular log holder or a brass coal scuttle to really add to the authenticity of the look of your hearth, we’re here to supply you with a wealth of ideas to really get your imagination kicking into gear.
Fire tools sets are for sale now and all year round – but do be aware that as winter approaches, you may find that we start offering some even bigger deals.  Never go cheap on fireplace accessories when you can find great prices on affordable luxury from our online shop.
No matter your needs nor your prospective look for your festive home, we have cultivated a catalogue of wonders for you to sample and enjoy.
From the odd loop companion set to brass accessories and authentic items to dress up your fireplace, take a look at our seasonal store and we’re sure you’ll find more than a few ideas to take home with you.  If you’re looking for anything in particular or need help with shopping online with us, call us directly on 0203 795 1021 and we’ll be happy to help.