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The Wardrobe is the ideal storage solution for the bedroom. Wardrobes offer discreet ways to store clothes neatly, keeping items clean and away from any dust particles. Casanad Furnishings have many wardrobes that come in many different sizes and styles to suit every bedroom.
Whether you are looking for an extra-large sliding door wardrobe or for a slim 2 door wardrobe, we have a range of options for you. Many of our wardrobes come with a half or full-size mirror which is a great added extra.
As well as the different sizes we have available; we also have many different colours and finishes on the wardrobes making them unique complementing your room in the best way.
We understand that every bedroom follows different styles, this means the ideally the furniture you add into it should complement the existing décor. Casanad Furnishings has taken this on board and produced a vast range to choose from.
All our wardrobes are designed to be spacious, even if it is the small double wardrobe, they are designed to maximise the space within without taking up too much space on the outside.
The double door wardrobe is the most common type for any bedroom. This wardrobe can either be designed to have a single clothing rail going across the top or have one side full of shelving. See our Desert White & Oak 2 Door Wardrobe or our Kiss Two Door Wardrobe to see if this will work best for you.
If space is not a problem for you, the sliding door wardrobes would be the most ideal. With multiple storage, the sliding door wardrobe can bring elegance and practicality.
Take a look at our Manhattan Large Sliding Mirrored Wardrobe or our Sandy Sliding Door Wardrobe for a modern contemporary style. The majority of our wardrobes come flat-packed allowing you to assemble it within your home. If you require extra help, contact us today!
The best wardrobe for its storage and organisation capabilities is the three to four-door wardrobes. This is most ideal due to the multiple shelves and drawers attached. Our Quartz 3 Door Black & White Wardrobe with Drawers and our Desert White & Oak 4 Door Wardrobe provide maximise storage for your bedroom while standing elegantly alongside the wall.
At Casanad Furnishings, we offer a variety of wardrobes that would fit in any bedroom size or style. Whether you would like your wardrobe to fit along the wall or be placed in the corner, we have many designs that suit your preference.