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Drawer units are an essential piece of furniture for any bedroom. They are the perfect item for storing clothes, accessories and any other belongings that need to be tucked neatly away.

At Casanad Furnishings, we have an extensive range of drawer units of all different styles and sizes for you to choose from.

With bedroom storage, there are hundreds of drawer units options that come in many shapes and sizes. Finding the right pieces for the bedroom is a difficult decision. You need to locate the fine line between balance, the right style for you and its practicality.

When it comes to storing away clothes and other belongings, it is important that they are out of the way for when you need them. A bedroom drawer unit is essential to keep items in the bedroom tidied neatly away. When looking for a drawer unit, we have many drawer compartments or cupboards depending on what you are looking for.

The number of drawers goes from 2 right through to 9 drawers, so take in consideration what needs to be stored away and how much space you have to work out what drawer unit works for you.

Larger drawer units like The Belfry Collection Six Drawer Mirrored Chest of Drawers or the Style Nine Drawer Chest are great units for storing away bulky items or bed linen. The Belfry Collection drawer unit is handcrafted with stunning silver features and mirrors wrapped around it.

This classy chest of drawers is great for attracting a focal point for the bedroom. The style chest of drawer is perfect if you want to bring a traditional look into your bedroom. Made from Mindy Ashwood, the drawer unit features European and American inlays.

If you have less space, a tall drawer unit may be a better option. The Petra Grey and White Gloss Chest of Drawers and the Liberty Collection 6 Drawer Tallboy work best if you need many drawers but don’t have the space. The Petra Grey drawer unit is great if you prefer a modern design.

The stone grey and white gloss appearance brings a unique contemporary style into your home. The Liberty Collection adds a classic touch with a neutral colour. It is the most ideal if you are looking for something that is practical and sturdy.

At Casanad Furnishings, we many drawer units that can fit any space in your bedroom. Have a look at our range today to find the style that suits you.